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( ! ) A Revelation Rooted in A Rubik’s Cube ( ! )

Sometimes when I am thinking really deeply I fiddle with things to get my mind off of the idea. In a storm of thinking I haven’t had for a while, I was pondering my own life from all angles: relationships, job, location, goals both accomplished, short term and long, appearance and even finances. I had drowned myself in the complexities of living and began feeling overwhelmed. Naturally I reached for something: stress ball, peice of string, rubber band; I found a rubik’s cube.

I found the side with the most of my favorite color and began completing the side. My mind shifted soon to whether or not trying to complete a side was natural and unconscious. On one hand it can be viewed as being organized, but to me it felt more like creating division, identifying and segmenting, maybe even a bit of compartmentalizing in the name of…?

I had automatically been drawn to what I was most comfortable with (my favorite color) and begun trying to solve the puzzle. But my life is all about integration and thriving through complexity. There was something about it, my life is great when its complex, the mixture of things is what makes me ME, what makes life interesting.

I thought about what else this could apply to…skill sets, exercise, diversity amongst people.

I twisted the cube as much as I could to disperse the colors like a tie dye shirt and placed it on the table; completed.

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