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( ! ) live like a priest ( ! )

i am a confirmed catholic. as such, priests are the communal & spiritual leaders who guide our congregation in practicing our faith. we should aspire & strive to like live priests.

now, this is not a post to preach my religious views or impose them among you. rather, i am using personal experience to frame an analogy.

that being said, here’s why:

1) priests are leaders & role models. they take initiative & lead a tribe. much like: steve jobs, che guevara, & mother theresa. better to lead than follow (though following has its place). organize & congregate around the mission & people you believe in, & lead them. you’ll make a bigger impact.

2) they make tremendous sacrifices. for instance, priests make a vow of celibacy. with this lifelong promise, they give up personal pleasure to focus on their larger mission. now, i’m not advocating for the need to make similar vows. but, this act shows the willingness to sacrifice if necessary. doing so enables us to reach our goals.

3) it’s not about them. priests live a life of service. they put others before themselves. having this unselfish mentality & care for community allows us to make a positive difference.

4) finally, they pursue a higher calling. they are completely dedicated & committed to a singular purpose. not out of obligation or expectation, but because they believe this is where they were meant to be.

it’s not about the religion. it’s about how & why they live their lives.

seems pretty enriching & fulfilling to me.

~ K

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